14 Jun 2019

12th SIS Film & Media Awards

On 13 June, teachers, students, alumni and Film/Media professionals came together for the 12th anniversary Film & Media Awards ceremony. Held in The Space and MC’d by Emily Chiu (12N1) and Nidhi Mundra (12N1), students received prizes in 16 categories ranging from those in Bauhinia house competing for the Bodega Media Foundation Film Award right the way through to our senior section awards, which identified the best overall fiction film, which went to Karen Chan (12K2), Alicia Leong (12K1), Nidhi Mundra (12N1) & Chrystal Kim (12B2) for their film, Perfection. This very narrowly beat Birthday by Alex Platt (12M1), Ben Sieur (12M1) and Poppy Brian-Boys (12N2) though there was at least consolation for Alex taking the Best Editor Award and Ben, who was part of the winning team for the MaD Award.

The Best Non Fiction Film went to Liz Biek (13B1), one of two awards won by Liz on the night as she also deservedly scooped the Bodega Media Film & Television Production Award. Karen Chan (12K2) was the most successful student of the night taking three of the prizes but the judges commented on the difficulty involved in separating such very strong and different genres of films.

Finally, the thanks of the Film & Media department went to benefactor and filmmaker, Jennifer Deayton for providing the trophies and presenting the awards:

2019 SIS Film Award Winners

  • Bodega Bauhinia Media Foundation Film Award – Stephy Lee (8S2), Emily Kwon (8B2), Adison Ng (8S2) & Andrew Han (8S2)
  • Y9 AFP Photography Award – Aashika Mamgain (9N2)
  • Y9 Advertisement Award – Eun Cho (9S2), Isidora Boon (9B1), Chelsea Yeem (9C2)
  • Y9 AFP News Investigation – Jamie Harvey (9K1)
  • Y10 AFP Horror/Thriller Award – Rohan Williamson (10N2), Nicholas Tam (10C2) & Jonty Francis (10S1)
  • Bodega Media MaD Award – Ben Sieur (12M1), Karen Chan (12K2), Alicia Leong (12K1), Man-Ching Hua (13C2)
  • Bodega Media Performance Award – Caitlin Donovan (12N1)
  • Bodega Media Script Writer Award – Seb Caldwell (12N2)
  • Bodega Media Sound Designer/Composition Award – Karina Au (12N2)
  • Bodega Media Cinematography Award – Kotaro Murata (12S2)
  • Bodega Media Editor Award – Alex Platt (12M1)
  • Bodega Media Director Award – Karen Chan (12K2)
  • Bodega Media Film & Television Production Award – Liz Biek (13B1)
  • Bodega Media Film Student Award – Karen Liu (13K2) & Man-Ching Hua (13C2)
  • Bodega Media Factual Film Award – Liz Biek (13B1)
  • Bodega Media Film Award – Karen Chan (12K2), Alicia Leong (12K1), Nidhi Mundra (12N1) & Chrystal Kim (12B2)