PTA School Bus

The PTA runs an extensive range of school bus services across the South Island School zone. The bus service is contracted out to Kwoon Chung Bus Services by the PTA.

Most students will be picked up very close to their homes or at public transport nodal points. Please note that the bus service is not meant to provide a door-to-door service. The school bus service brings children to school in time for the start of school in the morning and takes them home after school in the afternoon.

Morning Pick-up time  : 
Details of the pick-up time is shown below Regular Bus Routes. Students must be at their Bus Stop 5-10  minutes before the pick-up timeOn Tuesday mornings when school starts at 10:05 am, the buses will pick up 2 hours later.

Afternoon Departure time  : 
Monday -Thursday – All buses will leave school at 3.30 pm except for Bus #15 which will leave at 3.25 pm.

On Fridays ALL buses will leave at 1.20 pm.

There is a termly fee for the use of the bus. Relevant forms may be downloaded from the links below.

Lost Property on School Bus
For lost property on the school bus please call Kwoon Chung 2578 1178. Please tell them that you are a South Island School student and provide them the bus number (AM or PM) and description of item lost. Please also have a phone number ready for them to call you back.

Lost Bus Pass
If you have lost your Bus Pass – please bring a passport size photo and $10 to the PTA office to get a replacement.

Temporary Bus Pass
Only authorised bus riders are allowed to get a temporary bus pass to travel on a different bus. Temporary bus pass will only be issued on days when After-school Activities are running. Students must go to the PTA office during Break Time or Lunch Time to get a temporary bus pass.

 2017-2018 – School Bus Application

  1. Letter/Email to Parent for Scbool Bus and PTA Membership (Click HERE)
  2. Bus Service Rules and Withdrawal Notice (Click HERE)
  3. Emergency Procedures (Click HERE)
  4. PTA Membership Form (Click HERE)
  5. Bus Application Form – FIllable PDF version (Click HERE) or Non-Fillable PDF Version (Click HERE)

Regular School Bus Routes (last updated  August 2017)

Please note that we reserve the right to adjust/ change these bus routes and schedules depending on the situation as required.


After School Activities Bus 

Please refer for bus routes. The after-school activities buses are organized by the school. For enquiries, please contact the school at 2555 9313. Please note that this is a complimentary service from Kwoon Chung Company for current bus pass holders only, no additional cost is incurred. Therefore, students should carry a current bus pass when requested by drivers.

These buses are not intended to duplicate the regular school bus service, nor are they intended to provide a door-to-door service. The buses are to provide some assistance to students following extra-curricular activities. The aim is to allow students to connect with public transport to school or from school to home. If you do not wish your child to use public transport, you must make arrangements to collect him/her from school.