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E-Resources - Learning Through in the Cloud
Links to e-Resources for Student & Teachers

Click on the shield below to access these many resources available to members of the SIS community.  Make sure you scroll through the whole page to see the full set of resources available!  More are being added all the time.

Access The Gateway to see your schedule, demographics, CAS and Activities, school calendar and more Support & FAQs for The GatewayLogin to The Learning Gateway to acceess your course resources, upload and download documents to your :: the official document checking resource for all serious papers.  Protect yourself against plagiarism.Survey Monkey lets you create short, free surveys you can use with your classmates or study group.
Login to to access excercises set by your teacher Visit the GoChinese website to access exercises set by your Chinese Language teachers.Visit the Media@ESF website to see the latest media projects created in the Media Department.SIS Library :: Access rich information about books (both real and "e")Avery Online Design Tools is an amazing collection of creativity tools that lets you create and collaborate with friends.  Best of all, it is linked in to your Google Account.

Resources Available to You with Your SIS Google Account:

Gmail :: The student email system.  Powerful, flexible and available everywhere.

Each student, teacher and support staff is given a SIS Google account that has a Gmail account included.  You access this by logging in to the school VLE, The Learning Gateway.

SIS Gmail email addresses are: [USERNAME] 

  • For students this is your school email.  Your teachers will send messages to this account, they will not use personal email addresses.
  • Teachers, if you ever need to send an email attachment that is too large for your Gateway email, then your SIS Gmail account can help you.  Note: any email sent to this account is forwarded to your Gateway email account.
 Google Calendar

Each Google account has a Google Calendar.  It WILL help you organize yourself immensely If you use it.  Synchronizing it with your portable media player or smart phone makes this calendar particularly powerful. 

Enter in upcoming exams and due dates and get reminders.  Share your calendar with friends and family to further extend the power of this tool. 

Google Groups.  Create your own customizable and shareable email groups from the school address book.

NEW!  Members of the SIS Google domain can create custom email groups from the school email address book to suit your needs!  

Need to create an email group of people going on your Activity Group Trip that everyone can use?  If you create the group in YOUR address book, only you can use it.  If you create it in Google Groups everyone can use it.  It is pretty nifty and useful!

Access this by clicking on the Google More Buttonbutton located at the top of your Google Page.


Additional eResources for Teachers

Zoomerang Surveys

SIS has a "professional level" account with Zoomerang for the creation of surveys and questionnaires. 

Access to this is restricted to SIS Staff.  See the ICT Department for login details.

MAZE :: Used by faculty and staff to enter school reports

MAZE is used by teachers to enter in reports. 
NOTE: To access MAZE you need to have downloaded and installed Citrix Client.  If your computer does not have the latest version, you can install it from here: Online Plug-in for Mac Installation File

If you have any problems with your MAZE user account, please contact the MAZE DBA in the Time Table Office. 

 ENet login

ENet login for faculty and staff.  

Contact HR for additional information about the function of ENet or for help resetting your password.