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A message from the Senior Prefect Team

On behalf of the Senior Prefect Team and the students of South Island School, we would like to welcome and introduce you to the warm and vibrant community here at South Island school.

While students strive to achieve excellence in academics, South Island also places emphasis on growth beyond the curriculum.

Throughout each year group, students are given the opportunity to expand their range of skills and explore their interests outside of the classroom, with over 70 different after-school activities and other student led initiatives at their fingertips.

Events such as our annual charity fashion show The Innovation and TEDxTSIS have been born and sustained by students and continue to flourish to this day. Furthermore, events such as International Evening and Diwali Night also aim to celebrate and support the cultural diversity of South Island School, with 38 nationalities represented in the student body.

Students strong in sports and athletics are provided a platform for the huge variety of sport here at South Island. We have teams competing against other schools in rugby, swimming, football, netball, basketball, athletics, sailing, horse riding and rowing. While we also encourage other sports such as fencing, water polo, dance, archery, the list goes on…..

These activities provide students with the chance to be leaders, with many activities run by senior students, while supervised by a teacher. They also allow students to pursue their passions alongside their peers and teachers, thereby forming strong relationships that grow throughout a student’s time at South Island. It is these relationships that really make a student’s time at South island so memorable and enriching. The school provides many opportunities to form lasting bonds within the community, which is achieved through programmes such as vertical tutoring and form links, where older students mentor younger students from their experiences.

South Island believes in empowering student voice. Students of all year groups have the opportunity to represent their tutor group on the Student Council. Here they can bring forward any ideas and suggestions about school facilities and management to the Student Council from their tutor group. As well as provide their opinion on the issues brought up by other members. The council is chaired by two Year 13 students, and together the council seeks to implement these ideas.

Our philosophy of Making a Difference is truly at the core of our community. We believe in making a difference to the local and global community. Each of the six houses has their own “MAD Week” where they aim to raise funds for a charity of their choice, which is organised by the MAD Representatives of each house. Meanwhile, the school as a whole supports many international charities and other organisations, which is run by our MAD Council, which is also chaired by two Year 13 students. This council organises fundraisers to support our Jumpstart Kindergarten in the Philippines, as well as a programme called ‘Making Links’, which links South Island students to charities all over Hong Kong.

It is extremely difficult to try and convey the amazing experience here South Island in just a few short paragraphs. If we could leave you with a personal thought of mine, it would be that through our 5 years at South Island, we have grown so much as individuals. We believe we can directly attribute our development to events and teams we have been a part of, and most significantly to the people we have met, worked with, been taught by and been mentored by. For this, we are incredibly grateful.

On that note, we once again welcome you to the South Island community, and we hope you enjoy your time at South Island. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact either of us!

The Senior Prefect Team

(Photos: Head Boy – Keshav Menon, Head Girl – Ching Suen)

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